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IT Skill Development

Etriniti Plus has the most qualified training staff in Information Technology area. It is specifically founded to assist individuals and corporations to obtain, maintain, and enhance their practical professional IT skills at the cutting edge of today’s flying IT.

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Upon completion our students are prepared for actual work environment with the skill to complete the fob and empowered with the knowledge of why and how it works. Etriniti Plus do not attempt in any way to coerce students into any fabricated association. We required students to learn the ability and skills needed to complete proper procedures and designs in the versatility of real world conditions.



Providing various courses of training:

> Fundamental Networking

         Essential of Campus LAN networking

         Enterprise Networking Technology



> Professional Networking

         IP Routing

         IP over ATM

         Voice over Packet Technology

         Telecommunication Network Design

         Field Test of High Performance Network Cabling Systems

         Wireless Networking Technology

         Broadband Technology

         Network Management System

         Storage Networking

         MPLS Technology

         Optical Network Technology

> Certifications

         Cisco: CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, CCSP, etc.

         Microsoft: MCSE

> Applications

         Internet for Beginners

         Programming Languages

         Java, JSP

         ASP, PHP

         C, C++, Delphi, and Visual Basic


         SQL, Oracle

         Administration, O&M

         HPUX, SUN



About us Product & Services Etriniti's expertise Site References and Success Story Contact us