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IT Consultancy & Integration | Structured Cabling | IT Skill Development

1. Telecom Operators & Service Providers

o        Ericsson (Thailand)

- Network Design Concept using OPNET

- GSM and GPRS Technology

o        TelecomAsia (presently True)

- Data Communication Technology

- VoIP

- Bridge Switch and Security

o        KSC (Udonthani)

- Security Management, Firewall & IDS

o        TOT Corporation PLC.

- Security Management

- Introduction to Networking Technology

- MPLS Technology

o        CAT Telecom PLC.

- Security: Firewall, VMS, & IDS

- Network Management System: Netflow, Ciscoworks

- Storage Networking

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2. Government

o        Revenue Division

- Network Security

- Advanced Enterprise Networking Technology

o        EGAT

- ATM & High-Speed IP Network

o        Aeronautic Radio of Thailand

- LAN Mobile Radio

- Voice over Packet Network

o        Airport Authority of Thailand

- Security: Firewall & IDS

o        Provincial Electricity Authority

- Routing & Switching

- Network Troubleshooting

o        Department of Land

- Microsoft Windows 2003 Server

- Network Management Server HP OpenView

- Introduction to Networking Technology

- SUN Unix for beginners and administrators

o        Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology

- Administrating Cisco PIX Firewall

- Building Campus Switch Network


3. Education

o        Khonkaen University

- ATM Technology

o        Rangsit University

- Building Small Office Network

- Certify the UTP Cabling System

o        Chaophaya University

- Campus Network Design Project

- Campus Network Design & Management

o        Taksin University

- Introduction to Networking Technology


4. Banking & Private Sector

o        Thai Farmers Bank (presently KBANK)

- TFB Network Simulation Project

o        Factory of Bridgestone

- Certify the Fiber Cabling System

o        Bank of Ayudhaya

- Security Policy

About us Product & Services Etriniti's expertise Site References and Success Story Contact us